Being a homeowner and not always there -- Gwyny has been a gem in taking care of problems that arise and need attention before I can get down and take care of them.  She has fixed sprinklers, taken care of wind-damaged trees by bracing them back to an upright position, as well as trimmed trees.  She has even taken down a large tree, which affected both us and our neighbor -- you would never know it existed after she was done.  Gwyny and her crew are definitely people you can rely on and I do.

Barbara S.
Altadena, CA   

Description Of Work: 
Relocation and replanting of 100s of plants. Removal of dead lawn, followed by rototilling, soil preparation, and installation of new St. Augustine sod.  Installation and redesign of irrigation systems. Tree pruning. Mulching of beds.  Installation of decomposed granite planting areas for California native plants. General yard cleanup.

Overall Assessment: 

Bottoms Up Gardening is terrific. I will continue to hire them for numerous jobs.  Highly reliable, highly responsive and true professionals. They take ownership of the projects and your property as if their own.  They take pride in their work.   Just superb.

Michael (Through Angie's List)

Pasadena, CA

Beginning  in 1980, lawn, irrigation, and plant maintenance were the staples of our business.   In 1997 Bottoms Up became a licensed contractor and began focusing on specialized yard care. 

Among our specialties are excellent and appropriate tree pruning and trimming, fine irrigation systems (both new and retro-fit), and estate care.

We work together with our customers and crew  to  determine the best possible approach to achieve the most professional and long-lasting results for the project at hand. As of 2019 our aggregate professional experience in the landscape industry totals 116  years.

Our staff is honest, clean, pleasant and professional. 

Arcadia Beautiful Award

Pasadena Beautiful Award

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PROPRIETOR:  Gwyneth Pett

As mentioned yesterday, (not that I think you'll need it since your work speaks for itself) if you ever need a written reference, let me know. I can fire up a glowing letter with complete conviction. You guys totally exceeded my expectations for the jobs.  I could not believe how hard everyone worked to get those stumps and roots removed by hand!  And the pruning was pure art.  We're just very pleased.

See you next time!!

Thanks again,