Whether a single family dwelling or apartment complex we offer hourly, monthly, or as needed service for your yard needs.

Are you not quite satisfied with how your yard looks?  Our service is designed to augment the regular care provided by your gardener.  Would  you like some extra  weeding?  Not quite happy with the shape of your shrubs?  The plants are not quite thriving and may need to be fertilized?

Keep your regular gardener for the weekly lawn work, call us for the fine tuning of the peripheral areas. A properly and regularly maintained yard actually requires LESS maintenance as time goes by. When weeds are removed BEFORE they go to seed, future generations of undesirable weeds do not get a chance to develop.

Some of the services offered include weeding (with roots out), cultivating, hand pruning and dead heading blooming plants, fertilizing and mulching of your native soil areas.

Do you ever wonder why your plants don't bloom?  Appropriate, seasonal pruning of landscape plants is important to their overall development, growth and bloom cycle. 

Mulching provides an organic uniform topping for all your native soil. Weeds are reduced, since they are no longer exposed to light and air. Moisture is retained as it is safely protected beneath the surface of the mulch.



 BEFORE                                                                                           AFTER


Some Truly Terrible Examples of how NOT to Prune a Tree -->

Looks like grass, but without the water bills and the hassle of upkeep.


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We are skilled and knowledgeable in the concept of proper tree pruning to maintain the natural growth habitat and character of each tree. Although we perform complete tree removals and stump grinding, a typical pruning should not involve the removal of more than 15 to 20% of foliage and branch material during one pruning session.

Trees have particular pruning seasons when they are less likely to lose critical fluids from inappropriate cuts. It is better for the tree (and your budget) to prune less, but a little more frequently to maintain them in top condition. It is important for the wind to blow through a tree rather than take it down completely, particularly after a rainy spell, when the root base is soggy and the foliage is heavy with water droplets.

Additionally, we offer hand pruning and shaping of all garden plants and shrubs. Appropriate, seasonal pruning of landscape plants is important to their overall development, growth and bloom cycle.  Do you ever wonder why your plants don't bloom? Call for a free consultation and recommendation.

As an additional service, we install mulch, artificial turf, outdoor garden lighting fixtures, pathways, gravel, and decomposed granite.  We are also happy to install plant materials obtained by our customers. 

With every estimate comes a detailed a la carte listing of all areas to be estimated and the works proposed. We also include a list of local references and job sites for you to visit. 



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For good information on the proper way trees should be trimmed for both looks and the health of the tree go to:

International Society of Arboriculture


Tree Care Industry Association

Economical irrigation systems can be properly obtained for less money than you think.

Offering professional analysis we evaluate your current system - do you have the right number of sprinkler heads, how is the coverage, are your trees getting what they need to thrive, do you need a timer? From this we determine if a quality retrofit is right for your yard needs, or if tweaking the system in place is all that is required.

High grade irrigation materials are then installed in your yard and monitored for functionality. 

The time has come to eliminate water run-off and waste. We have the products, skills, and knowledge necessary to achieve this for you.