The DIGGER is ideal for use by the Home Gardner or Garden Professional who needs to plant large or repeated installations of succulents, color, natives, design plantings, annuals, perennials, vegetables and bulbs.

Made of 1018 grade carbon steel the non-puncturing leading point, cone shaped closed design, and non-invasive digging elements; the Digger does not puncture, slice, twist, entangle, pull-up or otherwise engage underground objects. (Roots, pipes, light cables, drip tubing, etc.)

 The center bit is a 5/16" hex shape from the proximal end to the distal end for continuous durability. Each tine is welded to the central shaft, and the leading end is protected by a solid button weld to add durability while digging. It is proudly made in USA.

A backyard wedding prompted the need for some serious color and accent plantings.  It was Sunday, the wedding was that evening, and I really needed the planting to be completed so I could get to the rest of the list of things to be done before the happy event.

We started with an egg beater from an old kitchen mixer. My crew and I were able to plant 96 Impatiens in under 6 minutes.  Unfortunately the beater was toast.  The blades kept collapsing under the digging pressure, spinning in the soil, etc.  But…the potential was there. The idea for the You Can Dig It ! tool was born!  After a couple of initial prototypes, the current model was set. 



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Because the You Can Dig It ! does not rely on the existing archimedes screw design, it does NOT draw the user into the work hole, tangle in roots or entangle/entwine underground encounters and ultimately twist or pull the wrist, arm or shoulder of the operator.

The YCDI  is NOT like the drilling augers you may have seen advertised.  The spiral blade an auger will:
     - twist around the underground objects it contacts
     - rip through compact areas
     - will  puncture tubing, pipe and cables with it's sharp point

The YCDI! Tool is able to avoid ruining cable and tubing because the leading end is not sharp and does not puncture what it contacts. The curved design of the digging head pushes obstacles away rather than engaging them as it spins.

​~ An  Innovative  Gardening  Tool  ~

You Can Dig It! on the road...Garden Shows in Southern California.

You Can Dig It ™!

You Can Dig It !

•Is a drill mounted attachment for use with a battery or electrically operated drill
•Fits any drill
•Digs perfect, precise holes
•Works well for up to 1 gallon plant sizes
•Blends soil and fertilizers in planting holes

•Does NOT puncture, pull-up, or tangle drip lines, light cables, or underground conduit

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